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These days many people are able to seek the services of counsellors for a number of different matters. If you are having relationship problems you can find a counsellor to give you advice. Some people need help to conquer their addictions to alcohol and drugs, others who have been involved in a serious accident may want encouragement to rebuild their confidence - these people can all find a counsellor to suit their problems.

We need to open the Bible (God's message to mankind) to read about the Wonderful Counsellor. Isaiah was a prophet who lived many years before the birth of Jesus and he, under God's instruction, said to the people "For unto us a child is born . . . and his name shall be called wonderful counsellor".

At last these words began to be fulfilled, a child was born. We can read in the New Testament and especially in the gospels about the birth and life of the Lord Jesus Christ. We can read the words Jesus spoke - words which could only come from the Wonderful Counsellor. Jesus' words gave people instruction for daily life and more importantly taught them about God - take for example his "Sermon on the Mount" found in Matthew chapters 5 to 7. Here we are told that the people "were astonished at his teaching for he taught them as one having authority".

We do well to listen to the words of this Wonderful Counsellor, our future depends on them. Isaiah said "unto us a son is given" - God gave His beloved son to the world, to die as a sacrifice and because of this, the Bible promises everlasting life to those who believe in Jesus and who commit their lives to serving him. Isaiah also said " . . . and the government shall be upon his shoulder". We have good reason to believe that the Lord Jesus will return to the earth, very soon and when he does he will establish God's worldwide kingdom here on the earth. This will be a time more wonderful than we can even begin to imagine and best of all we can be part of this kingdom if we listen to the Wonderful Counsellor.