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We are all familiar with the concept of "waiting". There are many things in life that we have to wait for - waiting for test results, waiting for an important letter or parcel, even everyday things like waiting for a bus or for the kettle to boil.

These things, however, do not require a great amount of faith. Faith is defined as having reliance on, or being able to trust in something. It is also having a belief in something which is founded on authority.

Belief in the Bible is a belief founded on authority - God's authority. This book tells us about God's plan and purpose with the earth, and it is just as relevant today as it was when it was written. In this book we can read about many people "waiting in faith". People to whom God made great promises. Some of these promises have seen fulfilment, others are yet to be fulfilled. Whenever we see a rainbow we have reminder that God is keeping his promises.

Many of God's promises were centred in the Lord Jesus Christ - the one who gave his life to give others the hope of everlasting life. Through belief in the Bible and baptism, we can share in God's promises. We can become part of God's future plan which is to establish a worldwide kingdom (a time of peace and plenty, where all the inhabitants will be able to enjoy good health. The time when those who have died while "waiting in faith" will be raised again). This great hope for the future will become a reality when the Lord Jesus returns to the earth, and we can be sure that he will, soon. We can become part of this wonderful kingdom if, when he returns, he finds us "waiting in faith".