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There are times in life when we suffer the consequences of our actions. If we had done better in the exam we might have got a better job. If we hadn't accepted that last drink we might not have got a hangover. If we'd taken more notice of the advice we were given, maybe we would not require the treatment that we need. If we were not so dependent on transport and electricity we would have a cleaner, safer environment and global warming would not be the issue that it is today.

Many of the things we say and do we can get away with, because they go unnoticed - don't they? Well if we read our Bibles, God's word, we have to answer NO to this question. God sees everything we do, there is nowhere we can go to escape His eye. The Bible teaches us that if we sin, if we disobey God and His laws we will die. Death is the consequence of disobeying God. It is evident that we are all dying creatures. Modern medicine may be able to extend the human life span, but it is certain that one day we will die. The Bible says "all flesh is as grass . . . the grass withers, and the flower falls away: but the word of the Lord endures for ever".

Although God's punishment for sin is death, we are told that the "gift of God is everlasting life through Jesus Christ our Lord".

God, in His love for His children, provided a way for sin to be forgiven - Jesus died as a sacrifice. In reality Jesus suffered the consequences of our sin. As Jesus was the only man who never sinned, he could not stay dead. He rose triumphantly to a new and everlasting life and will soon return to the earth as king to establish an everlasting kingdom of peace and righteousness.

As sinners we do not have to suffer the consequences. If we believe in God and His son the Lord Jesus and we are baptised, associating ourselves with his death and resurrection we can be part of this wonderful time to come.