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Let's suppose that it is the weekend, there is no work, school or college to go to what are we going to do? Perhaps you will have a lie-in. Maybe you like a routine and do the same things every weekend - shopping, cleaning or gardening. Perhaps you are more adventurous and you say "It's the weekend again, let's do something we haven't done before, let's go somewhere different". There are of course many places we can go to spend our spare time - leisure centres, public houses, theme parks, stately homes and gardens to name but a few. It is easy to find places which are enjoyable and fun. The attitude of many today seems to be let's "eat, drink and be merry".

If you want to do something different, why not go to church. This used to be a popular activity years ago. People used to read the Bible to learn about God and the great future that He has promised to those who believe in Him. What has changed - the message of the Bible hasn't, it is still as true and relevant to us today as it has always been. It is people like you and me who have changed. Society has moved away from God (and His laws) and people do "that which is right in their own eyes" - just as the Bible says they will do in the last days. Going to church is now considered old-fashioned.

Jesus once told a story about a rich man who had worked hard, made a fortune and who decided to take things easy and like many today to "eat, drink and be merry". In God's eyes this man was considered a fool and the same night his life was taken from him - what use then was his worldly treasure. In contrast those who follow God's way and who, to quote the Bible again, "lay up treasure in heaven" they will be blessed when the Lord Jesus returns to the earth.

So next time you want something different to do on a Sunday, why not come to one of our churches and learn about God. Once you see the wonderful message God has for you, you may want to bring your family or your friends - maybe going to church will become fashionable again.