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Before setting off on a journey a motorist needs to be prepared. The motorist must have a driving licence and a roadworthy vehicle. A wise motorist will also plan the route to his destination. Even the most carefully prepared journey plans can go wrong - maybe an accident has blocked the road and you are forced to follow a diversion, or maybe you come to a crossroads and have to make an instant decision. Which way do you go - only one way is the right way.

This is very similar to the journey of life. The journey which begin at birth and which can be carefully planned out through school, college, university, work, a comfortable retirement and eventually death.  

Something, however, may change these carefully laid plans (an illness perhaps or maybe the loss of a good job). Maybe something will bring us to the crossroads in life where we have to ask the question - "Where is my life leading to, where do I really want to go?".  

The highway code guides the motorist. It tells him what to do at road junctions, how to respond to other road users and explains different signs that may be found along the highway.  

The Bible is God's highway code - this book helps us along the path of life.  

So when we reach the crossroads in life, the Bible makes it clear that one way is signposted life the other way leads to death. Those who ignore God's words and go their own way will find that they are like a vehicle going downhill with no brakes - their end is certain.  

Those who take the narrow, upward path to life, will read God's Highway Code and let it guide them. They will believe and be baptised and will eventually reach their destination - The Kingdom of God. Signs along the highway inform us that the return of the Lord Jesus to establish this Kingdom will be very soon.

When a motorist reaches the end of his journey he will often see a sign "Welcome to . . ." and then the name of the place being visited. So the believer hopes to reach the end of his journey and to be welcomed into the Kingdom of God, to live for ever in a world of peace, a world of beauty and a world of plenty.