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Teaching Sunday School is a challenge in todays society, where belief in God is not acknowledged by many.

Sunday School teaches children values and ideals that have been lost in our society, as they face a modern aggressive world.

The children learn to understand that we are separate, 'Holy'. This is very different from the society in which we live, where many children are brought up without respect or self-control.

We often talk about events in School which reflect in the lesson of the day. For example we have recently studied 'The Pool of Bethesda.'

The Pool of Bethesda

The challenge of Sunday School is to keep the lessons relevant to modern life. We began by explaining what life was like without Health Care. How we are blessed to live in a country with a good Health Care System. We talked of the lonely and difficult life the cripple had to be unable to walk for 38 years, but he never gave up hope - a lesson for us. However difficult life gets for us with our personal struggles, we must maintain hope.

The main interest was how the water in the pool was stirred up. Natural Phenomena? - thinking of the volcanic pools in New Zealand. Certainly healing took place because people were made well. The cripple had no need of these powers, however, because Jesus had compassion on him. Compassion is a lost element of modern life, it has been replaced by derision and scorn. Reality TV shows encourage criticism and insults which have also taken the place of compassion.


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